About Growled

Growled manufacturer of full-spectrum LED grow lights, specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling professional-grade LED grow lights for indoor grows and greenhouse applications, with a focus on the horticulture industry.

They invest in all the latest technological developments to provide high efficiency LED grow lights. Their manufacturing facility and warehouse have automated robotic machinery, injection molding, and assembly benches. R&D grow rooms are maintained for continuous scientific development and product innovation. Growled holds powerful advantages over its competition and has an overall superior product in terms of design, performance, and price.

Brand identity creation

Growled logo-mark was created with a spectrum color as a letter. The letter “O” was created by combining all the spectrum colors in a gradient stroke. Then the logo-mark was used in the brand name with a light bulb shape to complete the whole logo.

Color palette

Black and Spectrum colors was used to create the final logo. Spectrum LED is a grow lights designed to mimic natural outdoor sunlight to help your plants grow healthier and yield better harvests with quality and intensity of light they are accustomed to from natural sunlight. Our color palette inspired by the different colors from the spectrum.

Logomark / icon

A logo-mark refers to an image or symbol which represents a brand, and usually does not include the name of that company. This version has the advantage of great creative range, and can generate a very strong visual identity for a company.

Spectrum colored “O” from the main logo or word-mark used to create the logo-mark for growled

Brand Typeface

The font used in the logo typeface is Red Hat Display Medium (Customized) Red Hat is a family of typefaces produced in 2 optical sizes, in a range of weights with italics. The fonts were originally commissioned by Paula Scher, Pentagram, and designed by Jeremy Mickel, MCKL for the new Red Hat identity.

Red Hat is a fresh take on the geometric sans genre, taking inspiration from a range of American sans serifs including Tempo and Highway Gothic. The Display styles are low contrast and spaced tightly, with a large x-height and open counters. The Text styles have a slightly smaller x-height and narrower width for better legibility, are spaced more generously, and have thinned joins for better performance at small sizes.

Visual Identity Guidelines

Visual identity guidelines describe everything customers can physically see, from the logo to the interior design of a store. Often, visual identity culminates in the development of a brand style guide that provides consistent instructions on how the brand should be visually represented at all times and in any situation.

Final Logo

Combination logos usually contain a memorable and stunning graphic that tells the story of who you are, what you do, and all in conjunction with your business name for easy interpretation and identification.