About NuevaCamp

NuevaCamp is an online summer school of computational physics and astrophysics. It’s primary aim is to organize research-based courses in physics and astronomy each year to provide high-school students with first-hand experience of programming, data-analysis related to physics, and astrophysical research projects.

Brand identity creation

Each branding process starts with an understanding of a product’s uniqueness and value. To help a client figure out core values that need to be reflected in branding, here is an exercise with attributes.

Color palette

Color is very important in branding and marketing because it is where first impressions of customers are based. Also, color is the secret to producing a good identity for a company. Colors are more than just a visual aid because colors convey emotions, feelings, and experiences.

We used Vivid Violet as our main brand color, Dark Blue as text or secondary color, and Pure Cyan as the accent color.

Logomark / icon

A logo mark refers to an image or symbol which represents a brand and usually does not include the name of that company. This version has the advantage of great creative range and can generate a very strong visual identity for a company.

Brand Typeface

The typefaces you choose can have a huge impact on the way your brand communicates. After all, it’s not just what you say: It’s how you say it. By choosing fonts that reflect your brand’s values traditionally or quirky, fun or formal.

The typeface used in the brand identity is Merriweather Sans. Merriweather Sans is a low-contrast semi-condensed sans-serif text typeface family designed to be pleasant to read at very small sizes. Merriweather Sans is traditional in feeling despite the modern shapes it has adopted for screens. Merriweather Sans was designed by Sorkin Type.

Visual Identity Guidelines

Visual identity guidelines describe everything customers can physically see, from the logo to the interior design of a store. Often, visual identity culminates in the development of a brand style guide that provides consistent instructions on how the brand should be visually represented at all times and in any situation.

Final Logo: Icon + Wordmark

Combination logos usually contain a memorable and stunning graphic that tells the story of who you are, what you do, and all in conjunction with your business name for easy interpretation and identification.

Website design

One of the major advantages of having a website is that it is accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Even during non-business hours, anyone can access the website and avail any services or get the information they need. The website doesn’t need to be fancy at first. So, we created something that is very simple, easy to use, and accessible for all. You can visit the live website here.

Advertising Materials

Examples of advertising materials include photographs, videos containing images, films containing images, envelopes, galleys, mechanicals, artwork, illustrations, mockups, digital equipment, etc. Here are some designs we did to promote one of NuevaCamp’s campaigns – Introduction to Computational Astrophysics