NuevaCamp – Brand Identity

NuevaCamp is an online summer school of computational physics and astrophysics. It’s primary aim is to organize research-based courses in physics and astronomy for high-school students each year.

Glassesbd – Brand Identity

Glassesbd is an e-commerce brand that sells eyeglasses. They make quality glasses at an affordable price and deliver them at doorsteps.

Growled – Brand Identity

Growled manufacturer of full-spectrum LED grow lights, specializes in designing, manufacturing, and selling professional-grade LED grow lights for indoor grows and greenhouse applications, with a focus on the horticulture industry.

The Braised Lamb – Brand Identity

The Braised Lamb is an editorial site and platform for people around the world to share stories about the foods, recipes, and places they love. They are creating a community of food lovers to share in the collective experience of cooking & eating the food they love, with the people they love.

Uptown Bowtique – Brand Identity

Uptown Bowtique is an e-commerce brand that sells custom bows in various seasons or colors. They also sell hair clips and similar beauty products.